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Song Of The Day! Effigie ‘Deep Down Inside’ : Darkened bruises of emotions, in kind… Firebrand ghosts and tantalizing hooks.

Perfection of synth. Darkened bruises of emotions, in kind. Lyrics of firebrand ghosts and tantalizing hooks. Effigie’s single ‘Deep Down Inside’ delivers in all notions.

Embracing of the gray, the protagonist of truth and ingenuity of movement slips into a new world of profound.

The cousins, band their individual talents for emotive journeys through artful pangs of musical hooks and spine tingling renaissance of waves upon waves.

In incantations of fluidity and of maximal countenance, we cry in deep waters of self delusion and self doubt. Off and into the murky waters of undoubted ambitions, the deep dive never guarantees in results, as we blindly whither into untended grass lands of our minds.

Combining may layers of indie and pop, Effigie has cooked up a beautifully solemn and stoic anthem for whatever ails our longing souls.

The bright ambitions of ‘Deep Down Inside’, delivers with amplitude and sonic purity.

The future is bright, when Effigie sings and plays with our hearts.



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