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Song Of The Day! Eliana ‘Cycle’ : It grips in that most flowered and gentle iron of emotions.

Eliana / Photo: Dana Golan

‘Cycle’ serves as an open invitation for everyone to be blunt and entirely candid to their unrequited lovers. Layers of driven guitar and washed out vocals introduce a new sonically alternative and straight-forward story-telling approach.

You cut through a lot of future messes by being honest now. If a person does not take you for who you are and what you are really feeling, it’s a hard reality to swallow but ultimately I think will help you move on, and stop giving that beautiful, endless, intentional love you have to give to someone who does not want it or deserve it.

We’d said of Eliana’s work: “Confrontation is the hardest sometimes. Knowledge of such dangers is the easier part, as the actions to be upfront with your fears, quickens into a challenge unto itself. Eliana’s ‘Cut Loose’ explores this such an intrusion.”

In an attempt to become free from guilt and trepidations – uncertainties abound in this world; we must embrace that as the norm. Finding happiness in that small corner of the world, keeps this delight of a ballad buoyed with optimistic effervescence.

Eliana’s ‘Cycle’ is gorgeous, in its raw and unpretentious honesty. It grips in that most flowered and gentle iron of emotions.

Look out for more gorgeous revelries from this NYC based artist.

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