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Song Of The Day! Elliot James Mulhern ‘How’s It Gonna Stop?’ : “It’ll never stop” as far as we’re concerned.

Elliot James Mulhern

Life starts when the change of vibes and pace recuperates your love for music again. With a mix of acoustic then the oceans of grooves in the latter half, Elliot James Mulhern’s ‘How’s It Gonna Stop?’ is gorgeously decadent and caramel sweetened affection.

‘How’s It Gonna Stop?’ is included in the upcoming new full length album ‘Tiny Correspondence, Dangerous Ideas and Sensitive Affairs’ (November 20).

From Billboard to DummyMag to featured play lists everywhere, Elliot’s unique account of vibrance and delight, re-occupies what was missing. As the song moves you into another state of appreciation, the white embers of exquisite charms, drench you in good and fine silken flickers.

Appreciate, indeed.

“It’ll never stop” as far as we’re concerned.


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