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Song Of The Day! Emily Jackson ‘No Fools Here’ : All about love and the proud tradition of us all, to strive for the betterment.

Emily Jackson

NYC singer/songwriter Emily Jackson lights up the dark and distributes profound vibes with ‘No Fools Here’. The defiant anthem for all that is heroic and vibrant, ‘No Fools Here’ is a song for you and all of us, to pull together.

Even in the age of the Internet and virtual proficiency, society is always a skin-on-skin game. And in ‘No Fools Here’, just like relationships we’d wanted, then lost, the human condition to persevere is evident in the choral strength and ambition of the single.

Said Emily: “I wanted to express the feeling of the self-loathing and competition I felt when I scroll through sanitized versions of everyone’s seemingly perfect lives. And even though I know it’s not reality, I allow myself to buy into the fantasy, exacerbating all my feelings of inadequacy.”

The Internet, amplifies the best and the worst of our human capabilities. Our limitations. Our shortcoming. Our love.

‘No Fools Here’ is an anthem, yes. But it’s not there to lecture.

For Emily’s all about love and the proud tradition of us all, to strive for the betterment.

Here, here.


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