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Song Of The Day! ENEQUIST Shares Hypnotic ‘Opium’.

‘Opium’ by ENEQUIST (Julian Enequist) is an overt assault on the mind and body of everything that might have stood the test of the current evaluation. A new dawn of enveloping electronics music, ENEQUIST continues to ratify the senses with laws of unknown vitriol, and panning visions of a world within worlds.

Music video shot by Marija Đondović and Dominik Schefer the directors take us into buildings of Belgrade, and we’re stripped of our inhibitions as the sounds of glitch phantasms secure a luscious dance of glory and visual antagonisms.

Stated ENEQUIST: “‘Opium’ is the main single of my soon to be released ‘Nihilism EP’. ‘Opium’ is a song formed around my voice, which is cut up in raw fragments, creating a haunting and ominous setting. The arrangement is swift and gripping, with a machinelike groove, but organic sound. The presence of vocals, without there being any lyrics creates space for a higher level of primal abstraction. There is a nuclear suppressive atmosphere throughout the whole track.”

It’s wow. And as the song shows its stripes, your eyes just won’t listen and your ears won’t see the same way again. The world, as it tumbles in misery, your own footprint – within it – survives with thriving resurrection.

A cult of beauty arises with ‘Opium’.

Julian grew up in a small village in Friesland, where his mother taught international folk music and dance. And the Dutch/Swedish music producer and multi instrumentalist specializing and focussing on new electronic aesthetics, give us joy in his works, as he explores his boundaries through music’s multiple genres.

Look out for more of ENEQUIST’s beauty.



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