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Song Of The Day! Erik Frank ‘All Night’ : “You used to call me all night, used to fuck me all night.” Where are you now.

Erik Frank

Beautiful single ‘All Night’ is of the physical. But more-over, it’s about the mental and emotional. The anxieties of missing. The angst of not being able to touch. The tribulations of love that isn’t reciprocated, any longer. All of these now only linger in the mind, for times of stress and longing.

“A lot of people are struggling with anxiety and depression and they don’t really talk about it , for those who are experiencing this kind of pain , i would say that , even if it hurts and it’s painful and everything seems like it’s going the bad way , there is always and end to it , just try to be positive and enjoy the little things.”

Born in village of just 200 people, the idea of becoming a star was the very definition of a long shot.

Getting out wasn’t easy. Moving from Spain to France, the U.K. and finally landing the U.S., Erik’s formative years and global experience began to permeate his music. His blend of R&B, Pop and Hip Hop is as unique as the countries he’s lived in.

Now looking to push through with his dreams and aspirations, he produces gems like ‘All Night’, and captures the heart, easily and profoundly. A falsetto that garners praise and emotional connections, Erik’s palpitatingly exposition for love, hate, loss, and redemption culminate with grit and confidence in every fold of this single.

Look for more from this talented artist.


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