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Song Of The Day! EROSTRATUS Shares Sticking Single ‘No Show’.

EROSTRATUS is what we think of indie-rock when we dream. Especially with the latest single ‘No Show’ from the trio makes it even clearer as we travel the Universe together, hand in hand.

Life is mostly made up of ‘discarded’ relationships, thoughts, memories, significance, opportunities. But we do this to safe guard our sometimes, weak and vulnerable selfish intuitions and emotional states.

Throwing away the sight and sound of a bad relationship.

Kicking out the thoughts of unimaginable images of the one you’d like to be with.

Stopping your heart from keeping the harmful recollections of the career you might have had.

Putting aside the dream world, you had constructed, in order to move forward with reality.

Being connected is important for us humans. It is important for ALL of us, in various degrees. And EROSTRATUS’ single ‘No Show’ recognizes such depth. The singular construction of the song is delicious in every way. From the rough and tumble, but ‘affectionate’ riffs, and to the unalterable lyrics of ‘truth’ and ‘clarity’ is indelible in the mind, glued together with the beautiful rock chorus, reminiscent of that far off star system, situated in Vega galactic.

The band consists of Ben Workman, Luke Folger, and Ed Kaufmann.

And the band just exudes the confidence and excitement we haven’t heard in a long while.

You should have them in your rotation, for sure.

Let’s take a ride.



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