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Song Of The Day! Esnat ‘The Pits’ : The twists and turns and 360 degree allusions, deepen the appreciation.


Nik Thompson from Perth doesn’t know the full weight of his songwriting abilities (or does he?). ‘The Pits’ is his addition to the universe. And with it, a 10 ton realization in innovative construction and arrangement, shimmers in existence. For all of us to embrace.

Nik said: “This song is written from the perspective of a romantically frustrated guy on the dancefloor battling with his self-worth and identity.”

But it’s more.

With David Bowie-like assertions, Cohen-like tinge of administrating darkness, and danceable heretics of Mondo Grosso-esque visions – the twists and turns of its 360 degree allusions, deepen the appreciation for what is, ‘The Pits’.

The DJ with the imagination of song and viability, brings worlds together in a dance of truth and revelry.

The confusion of life and survival, is the norm in our universe. Esnat’s ‘The Pits’, succinctly and charmingly reiterates that sentiment, with contrasts of acceptance, joy, and maybe, enjoyment.

Look for more from Esnat.

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