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Song Of The Day! Evann McIntosh ‘WIYULD’ : Can’t wait to see where Evann can take us from here.

Evann McIntosh

‘WIYULD’ is Evann McIntosh. The venerably talented teen with the golden lyrical charms and boppin’ strokes of magical harmonies, the Mom+Pop signed artist brings her A-Game once again, as the skies seem bluer, brighter, and too true when Evann’s on the case. With the track comes a super cool animated video was directed by Janice Chun who has done work for Cartoon Network / South Park.

Evann self-released her debut album ‘MOJO’ last year and this summer Mom+Pop will release the LP on vinyl. She has just been confirmed to play Outside Lands in 2021 and is raring to go.

Go where?? To the stratosphere, of course!

With vibes that is thick and voluptuous, Evann’s got that chill pop goodness that is evident in her contemporaries such as Conan Gray, Harry Styles, Billie Eilish, and Joji.

Can’t wait to see where Evann can take us from here.


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