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Song Of The Day! Evelyn Ida Morris Shares ‘The Body Appears’ Single.

Evelyn Ida Morris is from the Melbourne Australia area and they share the single ‘The Body Appears’ off of their debut self titled album coming April 20th.

And this single is our Song Of The Day!

Why? Just listen.

It’s a painting in sonic waves. It is poetic thoughts and nano second fleeting utterances, in musical notes. It is knowing what you are singing about, but still is not all too certain – about oneself, one’s environment, one’s predicaments, one’s righteous empathetic attitudes towards social mores.

How can I not make this effect me?

How can I be affected, so?

Why am I so weak?

Why am I so brave?

Turn down the white noise.

Let’s make a turn, here.

It’s a cross road – to my salvation.


The debut album in Morris’ own words ‘wholly’ fixated on the piano. It is their first ever ‘piano’ album.

The composition, with the liquid subtlety of Morris’ vocals – lost in angelic haze but forged in iron fire – brings the single into its own.

It belongs on a musical broadway show.

“I didn’t know what I was feeling when I started making this album”, says Evelyn, “I had a whole lot of unresolved feelings about being non-binary and about what that meant in the world, and I guess the album was working through that on the piano.”

Kudos, Evelyn. Kudos.

Can’t wait for the album to be offered for the masses.

New album drops April 20, 2018.

Morris is rep’ed by Milk! Records.


Tracks List:
Darwin Heat
The Body Appears
Wreck It
Limited Resources
Tamping It
Today Is Warm
What To Give
My Holmes
Stop Driving


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