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Song Of The Day! Evenson ‘SOS’ : Dynamic production, where an artist on the rise, delivers, once again.


Excitement drips over the electro-pop single ‘SOS’. It’s the latest from the artist, who has been on a fabulous roll with 2 previous singles, ‘The More You Wanna Break Up’ and ‘Cleaopatra’, bringing him the rightful critical acclaims and fandom. ‘SOS’ brings the latest iteration in a dynamic production, where an artist on the rise, delivers, once again.

We’d said of Evenson that his: “search for that lost vision, tells of how cruel our existence, sometimes, can be… with the door ajar, just slightly…”, he’s “determined to give love another chance..” with the full and angled embrace and acceptance.

“This song is about letting go of someone you once where to become someone or something completely or almost indistinguishable,” said Evenson. “You let go of the expectation of trying to live up to something you can never attain whether is other’s approval, whether it be your family and friends. As humans we get so caught up in the pursuit of happiness and the want to please that we lose sight of what truly matters which is all we have here and now. This song is about coming into your own as a person and an artist.”

Evenson forges a worldly lens of indie-pop that is both creative and expansive. With no-frills honesty in his lyrics and an endearing delivery he feels like the kid next door you never saw without headphones on.

It wasn’t too long ago when he and his two friends found themselves stuck on the Flatirons for 17 and a half hours. With their lives on the edge, not necessarily knowing if they were going to make it back down, in that moment, Evenson made the decision to seriously pursue music.

We’re glad he’d decided on that path.


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