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Song Of The Day! Evripidis and His Tragedies ‘Melancholia’ : Glorious. Anthemic. Victorious conquest of the most internal. Personal. Intimate.

Evripidis and His Tragedies

‘Melancholia’ is glorious. Anthemic. It’s a victorious conquest of the most internal. The most personal. The most intimate.

Evripidis and His Tragedies is this beautifully crafted musical project of Barcelona based Athens raised artist, Evripidis Sabatis.

Written in the post aftermath of a homophobic attack in Athens, in 2014. Originally a piano piece, it by Evripidis’ words “parallels the story of Lars Von Tiers’ movie ‘Melancholia’ with the singer’s own personal reality after the incident”.

Since then, the song was reworked and completed with the bridge that gives you shivers when listening in the moment of listening.

The title single off of the latest 3 track EP, ‘Melancholia’ is a song that you feel the contrasts from the outset. The 6 years or so of emotions explode into this gorgeous shimmer of indie rock and glam that sparkles into form.

‘Melancholia’ piece-de-resistance, helps you realize that its message is much more positive than what the initial hate crime turned out to be. A description of a journey, both toxic and at the time, un-relinquishing, comes alive in the hints of color. As the song progresses, it displays the warmth and wonderment of coming out of the darkness, alive and in one emotional piece.

Each song on this EP, is a ray of sunshine, in that realistic calm of self realization. Touching upon 80’s nostalgia, but wholly vibrant as Evripidis’ consciousness and embrace – the singles cohesively tug at your sense of your own warmth and the best you can be.

Inspiring indeed.

Evripidis’ career and discography is long. Look into it. You’ll dig. As we’d dug.


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