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Song Of The Day! fanclubwallet ‘Fike’ : DIY ambles and anthemic exuberance… packed with empathy, contrasts, wants, and tinge of “f*ck you”.


The first release under project, fanclubwallet, Hannah (the irreverent soul, who’s of this salty earth) dowses the dank pre-suppositions of living, and filters it down to the grains of personal and the most vapid. With DIY ambles and anthemic exuberance, the downplaying essence of her music is packed with empathy, contrasts, wants, and tinge of “f*ck you”.

But it’s not garish nor unintelligible.

The swishing of the work, rasp like the inside seams of a newly bought pair of jeans, reminding you of the time of past and what needs to be asserted for the coming future. A delightful mix of the present, dipped in this un-holy petulance of new and maybe better times. Indeed.

Looking for more, as this is a fab start to it all as the refreshing trickle of bedroom/dream pop, explodes gently down your cheeks.

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