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Song Of The Day! FAULTLINE AVENUE Shares Shimmering ‘Landslide’.

FAULTLINE AVENUE is Filip Lammers. And we think you should expect him to be in the thick of things within our music and entertainment culture, very soon. His voice is dynamic, classic, and brings the kind of expertise and clarity in delivery that is reminiscent of the Standards pop segments and of rock.

What we’re saying is that Filip, though his hard work, has managed to produce and publish his own works, with the brilliance of a thousand-suns.

And you can hear that excellence in this single ‘Landslide’.

The single melds the highest quality of 90’s indie-alt-rock with the pop-enthusiasm and the hook of a love-ballad, all simmering the glorious attitude of the Standards. No jazz elements to speak of, but it has (primarily through Filip’s vocal interpretations) the tinge of Standards and the sway it garners for lovers, everywhere.

The song isn’t for lovers, strictly, but it does, in the chorus, give us the goosebumps that we relied on to make our hearts a-flutter.

Filip is a one man rock band and has been seeking his dreams officially since 2017 in Los Angeles. Now that he’s based in Sweden, the continuing evolution of his musical tastes and exports, should make things even more interesting, as time rolls on.

As for us at CHF, we can’t wait to see what new excitement is produced soon.

Song of The Day!

‘Landslide’ is perfect for a TV series, Movie drama. And it surely needs a music video with it, desperately.

Kudos, Filip. Kudos.



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