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Song Of The Day! FERAL ‘Crash & Burn’ : You’ll get a better job. Honest.


FERAL sounds like a punch in the face. That’s how the hard-rockin’ trio from The Netherlands would tell you what their band’s music is like. Should you believe them? After all. You’re not just a sucker born yesterday and naive to embrace something you’d just learned, right this second, right? Your mama didn’t raise no fool, as some famous guys once said to the world about his upbringing. And ain’t no sunshine, when she’s gone, too – but that would be a disaster for our earth, because that would mean destruction of our atmosphere and death for us all.

So would ya?!

Heck yea, you should!

FERAL is exciting. Bold. Resistent to everyday UV rays and will cook a mean omelette if we’re guessing right. It’s their calling.

Also, their calling is their music, and just like title single ‘Crash & Burn’ (upcoming EP), you’ll be glad that you were the oldest son in your family, so that you can bully your younger siblings of their candy money. You love them. We know.

Just like your siblings, you should dig FERAL.

You’ll get a better job, listening to FERAL.



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