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Song Of The Day! FIERO ‘Reunion’ : We are one. We are also, none. And from that point of closure, we can begin anew.


From the fiery beauty of Kelsey’s gorgeous vocals, comes hope and resilience, to all who listen and partake in the mission. And when the duo combines to predict the falsity of where you’d been and where you’d succumb, a new chapter for greatness – a new chapter for love – is opened up for acceptance and embrace.

FIERO is made up of Kelsey Bulkin and Joseph Bogan. Title song ‘Reunion’ follows up singles ‘Coupe’ and ‘Between The Bars’.

Speaking about the new EP, the band said: “Everything in existence is one. This oneness has never been more clear than now with the cause and effect of individual actions affecting the whole. When you see more of life you realize everything eventually comes together or collides or collapses. All appearance of separation or division are temporary and are serving an eventual and inevitable reunion. The oneness cannot be divided; not in any real sense.”

But with that confidence of oneness, we turn our heads, back, to where we’d begun, and try to analyze the best we can.

We are one. We are also, none. And from that point of closure, we can begin anew. With bated breath. With sweat and tears.

Continued FIERO: “These songs are sensitive and pulsing as the heart is as it journeys through the wilderness into that promised land. [The word] “fiero” means bold… the abandon that comes when you have nothing left to lose and everything feels cheap except what’s in your heart.”


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