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Song Of The Day! Floral Couches & Party Jacket Shares ‘I’m Losing You’.

Cole Stout

FLORAL COUCHES & PARTY JACKET’s single ‘I’m Losing You’ is all of the r&b tinged hazy-gazy bedroom-pop you’d missed. You fall in love with the 80’s inspired emotional pulls, now and right away.

As the keys playing the organs, and the delicious combination of guitars and harmonies, frame the unforgivably melancholic vocals – it hits you. The memories of the unkind past, flood back towards the front of your collage of sanctioned immortality.

Best friends, Joshua Grimes (Party Jacket) and Cody Gray (Floral Couches), connected to make this project flow.

“Combining our styles we created this dreamy synth pop track after about 20 hours of work spread between 3 sessions over 2 months,” said the band. “The song is about letting go of an old relationship, inspired after having watched a friend go through a divorce the previous year, wasting a year of his life trying to rekindle it and failing.”

Your life, is painted to a bright sheen, as this single plays, and as the chorus flowers to pastel greatness. The delectable naked guitar licks, hone your solidarity towards a love that you’d never attained, but always was willing to fight for.

Song of the Day!

We love hazy-gazy, bedroom-pop singles like ‘I’m Losing You’, for it brings the traditions of past greats like Duran Duran, Hall & Oats, and emboldens the notes to the lively and modern, minimalism that is infectious and oh so candy sweet.

But the kicker is that the indie-rock essence is never tarnished or mis-represented, as the tang and the sweet, mingle in an oceanic deluge of feelings, intertwined in confusion, and then to an ultimate end-user salvation. The gray becomes purple; and the malign middle becomes the key to your identity and purpose.

Looking forward to even more of this delicate combination.



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