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Song Of The Day! Folklaur ‘Seasonal’ : Tingles your body to smile and embrace, with its fiber of knowledge.


From Folklaur’s debut EP, the title track reveals so much, and delivers a beautiful and nostalgic sonic experience.

A beauty that is not only skin deep, the fleeting majesty of ‘Seasonal’, helps recall the very urgency of love and defiance, rippling dynamically, though our cortex and being.

With vocals that is reminiscent a spring effervescence, the down-besides earthiness and warmth, chide over the glistening and shimmering bay waters of our listening souls.

A recompense for what we long for in decadence.

The bop – intentionally vibrant – tingles your body to smile and embrace, with its fiber of knowledge.

The 4 track EP is lovingly done, and will feel that way to your ears.

Folklaur is the project of Lauren Elizabeth, along with her producer brother Justin Scott Amrhein.


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