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Song Of The Day! FOUR STROKE BARON’s New Single ‘Machine and Joy’.

FOUR STROKE BARON is a band based in Reno, Nevada (USA) and they tell them selves in their literature that they are a band which ‘7Billion People Don’t Know About’. Not if CHF can do anything about it, buddy!

The band’s new single ‘Machine And Joy’ off of their soon to be dropped, 2nd full-length album ‘Planet Silver Screen’ (November 9th) is a visceral gnawing of your base neck bone, with the attack of Tears For Fears like vocal assault, layered with hard-rock and new wave pop structures. The single is ALL that you want out of a song of the ‘magnitude’ promised.

That ‘promise’ is fulfilled.

The band is a joy.


And the recent joining forces with their new label Prosthetic Records, we’re expecting lots of golden fabulousness from the trio of Kirk Witt (guitars and vocals), Matt Vallarino (drums), and Keegan Ferrari (bass).

The single is a riot, and a ride you should take, even if you don’t have a destination to go to.

Song of the Day!



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