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Song Of The Day! Francesca Blanchard ‘Did It To Myself’ : Shivers.

Francesca Blanchard

We’re in love with Francesca Blanchard’s single ‘Did It To Myself’. And in kind, we’ve fallen in love with Francesca’s accompanying visual to that utmost shiver inducing song of praise, doubt, trepidation, and lust. The form of brilliance of tact and might, comes into a formation of focused beauty and butterfly kindness in this single.

“I wrote it in between saying goodbye to someone I thought I needed, and opening a door to something that would change me for the better,” Francesca said. “The video was shot early last month on the streets and subways of New York… While this might feel like a strange time to be releasing new music, I hope more than anything that it can serve as some kind of respite, escape, company, soundtrack..”

Attacking the most subtle of emotions, Francesca’s hit another level of impact with her lyrical prowess and more importantly, an excellence in expressive construction that hits all of the marks. The visionary aural landmark, desolate and lonesome, beautifies with disinfectant urges, as Francesca’s natural baritone, glints at such futures and maybe your personal salvation.

She’s been making her mark in the music industry since 2015. From folk to pop to alt, with Francesca, it’s the writing that is prominent and it does the job of taking you for a handsome ride.

‘Did It to Myself’ makes you think, envision, gravitate, focus. And most of all, with each passing chorus, you’re swept into wandering the gorgeous vibes of Francesca’s utmost.

Francesca Blanchard is a French-American songwriter based in Burlington, Vermont.

Beautiful, indeed.

The video was shot last month on the bustling streets and subways of New York City friend, Kayhl Cooper.


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