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Song Of The Day! Frida Sundemo ‘Backbone’ : Captures your soul and turns your world of moments, upside down.

Frida Sundemo

‘Backbone’ is a step in the return of Frida Sundemo from her last 2017 debut album offering. And the single that is off of the new EP ‘The Sounds In My Head’ is beautiful, as it twinkles with all of the highlights and shadows of Frida’s glorious vocals.

Frida’s approach to music and songwriting has become less studio-focused and more internal over the past year as she’s been studying in medical school and has even helped in the COVID-19 effort in Sweden.

As Frida described: “Sounds In My Head is about just that. Ideas and feelings inside of me translated into music.”

Growing up in Gothenburg, Sweden, Sundemo was raised in a highly musical environment, however, she first pursued a career in medicine, attending medical school where she continues to study today. A multi-faceted artist, Sundemo made her big-screen acting debut in the film Kill Your Friends and also wrote 3 songs for the soundtrack. Her songs have also been featured on television shows such as Grey’s Anatomy and Teen Wolf.

With a dreamy cascading, in both reminiscent validity and account – the free floating ambience of Frida, captures your soul and turns your world of moments, upside down. At least for a golden instance. In the best traditions of electro and pop, that outfits like MONDO GROSSO and Coldplay, Frida is at maximum of musical pleasures.



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