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Song Of The Day! From Scratch ‘The Plague’ : Explodes in grandeur and severity of creativity that just is undeniable.

From Scratch

With a sound that is akin to maximizing sounds that were made with equipment that was limited and organic, it explodes in grandeur and severity of creativity that just is undeniable.

The ladies make quick work of a quirky and new vision for what an alt indie-pop sound could be. And in ‘The Plague’, you can see that next evolution of sound that was very much profound from their first publications in 2017.

With electrified jangle, staggered with hooky drum percussion, and looping heretics of lyrical gems, all culminate together to make this run of fun, such an event unto itself. Their music can be categorized as indie rock, but they have in a short time managed to create their own musical expression, with catchy melodies, grungy guitar and a playful synthesizer that brings it all together. The song was made through improvisation where the band wanted to play with intense guitar riffs, synths and a melodic strong voice.

‘The Plague’ is amazing.

The Oslo based band realized their childhood dream of becoming rock stars was too strong to let go. With an old guitar and a collection of their parents’ LPs, the talented ladies decided to start a band “From Scratch”.

From Scratch is: Hedda Rungstad-Trommer, Alma Emelie Lyngstad, Ada Rummelhoff and Susanna Sørensen.


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