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Song Of The Day! Georgia Blackwell Shares ‘Strangers’.

It’s an odd thing. We at CHF don’t do R&B/Soul/Radio-Pop too often. But there are times when we bleed out to that realm. And when we listened to GEORGIA BLACKWELL’s single ‘Strangers’ we got that lump in our throats where we got really ‘sad’. Not because of the song, but all of the memories, real or not, that flooded into our thoughts during the listening session.

That’s a good thing.

There is an in-office theory though. Maybe it’s the slight baritone vocals of Georgia that is more to our liking, and we see this pop song as more on a side that is more fits more with our own sensibilities.

Well, in any case, the single has good and smooth R&B/Soul elements, mixed with a dab of blues-rock habits, which we dig a lot.

Song of the Day!

‘Strangers’ is the second single from Georgia and off of the EP ‘Good Intentions’.

There is zero ‘bad intentions’ with this single, and should be a great addition to your days when you’re a bit mad about the path you’re on with your significant other; or when you just want to feel very ‘romantic’ from the silent night of self-introspection.

The beautiful melodic rendition is fabulous and presented well through Georgia.

Kudos, Georgia. Kudos.



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