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Song Of The Day! Georgia Greene Shares ‘Lonely for You’. Now. This Minute.

GEORGIA GREENE’s latest single ‘Lonely For You’ is a emotionally bound exposition. The journey to the outer limits of self resolution and ultimate line to the end. The end of that disposition to love, frazzled into the gray realms of profound, unconditional parody.

Song of the day!

Why can’t you be straight with me?

Why are you not with me?

Now. This minute.

Don’t mess with me.

Because I never mess around with my love, for you.

Come to me.

Now. This minute.

Georgia’s vocals is the key in this single, and it drapes your cold heart and warms it up to the n’th degree. You can feel the emotions translated perfectly, in resolute and crystal clear harmony. It’s just a delight to listen to – it’s just a delight listening to her voice. At peaks, your skin gets goose-bumps, in rapturous deliciousness, for sure.

Kudos, Georgia. Kudos.

We’re looking forward to following and getting to know Georgia as she traverses her exciting path. She should gain the following, we think she surely deserves.



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