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Song Of The Day! Ginger Taylor ‘Some Fates’ : Beautifully and subtle-ly delves into the deep well of a woman seeking and wanting.

Ginger Taylor

Beautifully talented artist, Ginger Taylor, gallantly marches into your psyche with the delight of her single ‘Some Fates’.

Warm and vibrant in melancholic tinge, the words and story telling of ‘Some Fates’, dig deep into your heart in an understated and brooding embrace.

“This song is all about soulmate, destiny, and the excitement of new relationships,” said Ginger. “I think the distinction between love and infatuation is an important one– one I tend to overlook when I feel strongly about someone.”

Continued, the Brooklyn NYC based artist: “In this spirit, the song confesses that, sometimes, it’s just more fun to surrender to the giddy feelings. The lyrics (like “who was it I’m meant to love? I can’t ask with these aqua-net lungs”) are inspired by representations of love in Hedwig and The Angry Inch and also in “Plato’s Symposium”.”

Shortly after turning eighteen, the native New Yorker released her first EP, ‘Yuppie’ which both satirized and empathized with the infamous trope of the ‘uptown girl’. Inspired by Nabokov’s ‘Lolita’ the song frequently utilized quotes, to push her inspiration to the limits.

Fleeting and lovable, the 90’s vibin’ architecture, with the ‘girl with a cause’ attitude, subtle-ly delves into the deep well of a woman seeking and wanting.

We think Ginger’s got it going on.


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