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Song Of The Day! Glenn Thomas ‘Oriole’ : “Little oriole, stay here with me. We’ll tell ourselves that we’ll outlast everything.”

Glenn Thomas

Today we all get to walk a beautiful road with artist Glenn Thomas. And in his newest single ‘Oriole’, that particular road is paved with wheat and earth, gilded in gold of emotions and laughter; satisfied in his folksy, almost lullaby-ish songwriting, culminating in a shower of Glenn’s musical artistry.

“I wrote this song after a bout of insomnia, where I wouldn’t fall asleep until early in the morning each night,” said Glenn Thomas. “There was that dreaded time before the sun began to rise where the birds would start chirping. I thought it would be funny to ask the birds the questions that were keeping me up, since they were all unanswerable anyway. When I set the words to music, I thought it would be fun to make the music sound really fun and lively, like a 60s pop song with serious lyrics.”

A self examination, from a sliver of life, Glenn’s powers of interpretation and audible encapsulation, dowses you with pins and needles of exulting levity. A glandular reaction towards hyper happiness and an ‘at-a-boy’ support, which quickly bleeds from your heart. Impinged with the notes of ‘Oriole’ is a passage through your imagination, and of credence.

It’s a beautiful sentiment, delivered in the emotive and gorgeously honest vocals, of which it fully deserves.

Glenn’s writing in ‘Oriole’ is an example of watching the far off mountain ranges, saying goodbye to the clouds and their shadows above, during a brightly lit day. Silent, wandering, with perspectives returned, unabashed.


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