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Song Of The Day! God Bless Relative ‘Flower Mouth’ : Seductively ritualistic. Malignantly effervescent. The clouds above part into segments.

God Bless Relative

Seductively ritualistic. Malignantly effervescent. The clouds above part into segments of jigsaw emotions as God Bless Relative’s single ‘Flower Mouth’, lays down morning frost-like intimacy all across the steppes of bounds.

Off of the upcoming LP ‘I Have Felt the Warmth of the Sun’, ‘Flower Mouth’ is a shoegaze-inspired garage-rock ballad, manifested in the glory of beauty and wonder. A charming vestibule of synergy and amplified attitudes, the single highlights, calmly and surely, the predilections of a match-made-aspiration of which comes with God Bless Relative’s highlight reel.

Front man Blake J. Tallent and musical partner Luke Seager “saw an opportunity to get back into the studio after a year long hiatus”.

The upcoming record is “about acceptance”, as the duo put it.

“Looking at life’s new normals the way they are at face value and reckoning with the person you are when death inevitably comes. It’s about learning how to be your own friend and embrace your flaws as much as your best qualities.”

Positivity, coaxed in the luster of the way life just rolls past – God Bless Relative’s inspiration, is underneath the layers that we see fit.

Don’t let this one go. Let it seep in.

Look for more from this fabulous band project.


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