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Song Of The Day! Goldroom Shares ‘Yellow Flowers (feat. Mereki)’.

“I first fell in love with dance music through the lens of Daft Punk, Fred Falke, and the rest of the early French House pioneers. Through sampling myself, Yellow Flowers is the song that helped me to rediscover that feeling of wonder and possibility in my own music,” said GOLDROOM.

Song of the Day!

Letting the Universe wash over his audience is what he does. With ‘Yellow Flowers’ he does just that. It’s what stirs your mechanisms for living and partying and just breathing into the canvas of our souls.

It’s that flight of your dreams, while sitting at the office.

It’s that first kiss of ecstasy from the one you fell in love with from the first seconds.

It’s you flying through this wonderful and challenging world of decadence.

You live, so you will let it all wash it over you.

Mereki’s vocals shines with all of the facets of delight as you can muster. The classic French-house offering is ALL of the goodness we seek in an EDM meal.

It’s light, real, fun, and just fabulous.

This is the 2nd track from GOLDROOM’s 2019 project.

See him next at It’ll DO Club in Dallas (April 12th).



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