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Song Of The Day! GOODNIGHT HOUSE Shares ‘Aberdeen’. “Love It. You Should.”

When the going gets tough, you get tough with me. Why do you batter me. I do the best I can for you, for us, for our future.

I miss your body, your soul, your face, your lips, your mind – I cry every other day when I try not to dream about you, but I do, without control. My pillow is filled with the salty droplets of my tears.

Now, your essence on the sheets have gone.

Your remnants of life in my apartment is gone.

Your love and affection, is gone – from my vicinity, from my atmosphere, from the air I breathe, from the life I adored…with you.

I want it back.

But I know I can’t have that.

So, I try everyday to turn off my emotions, from work to home.

My pillow still is wet with the longing of you – the love of my past life.

GOODNIGHT HOUSE is a project of Joel Lane. And we think his single ‘Aberdeen’ is a dream like state of a song that just melts our hearts and minds with decadent and tragedy-ridden tales of somewhere in the past, present, or future. It doesn’t matter what time frame, but this cinematic phantasm of a single is delectable.

Joel’s vocals is just quite fabulous, with the empathetic and affectionate attachments that is poignant and real.

This single is quite a find.

Love it.

You should.



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