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Song Of The Day! Gotopo ‘Malembe’ (Video): Never stops to bring you forth, or let you go.


Debut single ‘Malembe’ by dynamic artist, Gotopo, is inspiring, energy rich, stength-on-strength on top of it all. The appropriately described “futuristic soundtrack of Latin roots.. a mashup of Lido Pimienta, FKA Twigs and Bomba Estéreo”, ‘Malembe’ never stops to bring you forth, or let you go.

“I want to dedicate this piece of art to, the Indigenous peoples and their millenary wisdom, key on paving the path towards a sustainable and harmonic world; woman of the favela, single mothers, immigrants, warriors; the ones who make miracles happen every single day and to all Post-colonial nations, and the resilience of their peoples.”

Continued Gotopo: “I re-interpreted an Afro-latin-indigenous song into a contemporary experience inspired by the spread of Afro-latin-indigenous peoples around the globe, and the impact Urban life and Culture has in our identities. I call ‘Malembe’s beat ‘Ancestral Beat’.”

Self produced sounds with avant-gard pop, Afro-pop and rock mixed in, Gotopo’s understated but powerfully accentuated vocals tell the tale of the cities upon hills. And as the artist hits all cylinders with the new accompanying music video, you are overwhelmed with sonic lust and pleasure.

The single follows the YouTube release of the short film ‘The Sound of My Destiny’, which has already won a Remi Award at the Worldfest-Houston International Film Festival and a Mention Award at the Canada Short Film Festival. It was directed by the Colombian Juan S. Jiménez.

Gotopo’s single is a gorgeously presented testimony of art and all of its promises as an immediate and influential conduit.

Welcome Gotopo to the wonder.

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SUBSCRIBE to Gotopo Music on YOUTUBE and enjoy the Premier of the Official Music video of my debut song 🔥🔥🔥'MALEMBE' 🔥🔥🔥 . Don't forget to comment on YouTube what you feel about the video 🔥🔥🔥 . 🔥A golden Godess…. 🔥A Queen of all animals and spirits…. 🔥A badass favela woman… dances through life against all odds.. . To paint the continent of diversity, LATINAMERICA i needed many colours, rhythm, joy, dance, rituals, blood, fire… . To paint it's history as a whole, I need to bring every voice in; Indigenous, African, European. . To celebrate it with you I will take you though an experience day after day ….. . HAVE YOU SUBSCRIBED TO 'Gotopo Music' on YOUTUBE YET?

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🔥🔥Malembe Music Video is Coming!🔥 And its 🔴Lyric Video🔴 gives you hints you've been asking for. Who are the characters appearing on Malembe's Lyric video? I. Maria Lionza. She is worshipped by many Venezuelans as the mother and Godess of a faith known as 'Espiritismo Marialioncero'. So, GOD IS FEMALE… yup, we knew it. 'Espiritismo Marialioncero' is a blend of: * Indigenous shamanism * Haitian Voodoo * Spiritism * Catholicism Although she is believed to be of indigenous origin, she is commonly depicted as a white woman with a gold crown on her head and a rose and flag in her right hand… her 'Original Self' was camouflaged with the 'Self' of a Catholic Virgin or Saint. The region of Sorte, where Lionza inhabited, is a constant pilgrimage site for the believers of the Marianioncero cult, and the main celebration happens every 12th October, day when Christophus Columbus ships sighted the Caribbean! What a big celebration of Resistance and resilience! . Stream 🔥'Malembe'🔥 following the link on the Bio! . #LatinHistoryForMorons #SoyLatino #MALEMBE #GOTOPO

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