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Song (Obsession) Of The Day! Grace Jackson Shares Bewitching Single ‘Last Life’.

Turn the corners of life. After life. Life, after life. The fog doesn’t lift in this captured cell, of you. Of me. Of us. Uncertainty of certain, vapid but solid institutions, gather forces near the palisades of the heart. Will the siege prevail? Will there be salvation from the brut forces of such assault?

Ravenous with emotional cling and undeniable reach for the un-forsaken and the palpable – GRACE JACKSON perpetuates that exact siege to our unforeseen hearts with ‘Last Life’.

Song (Obsession) of the Day!

Who will win this struggle for the ultimate in love and embrace. Who will succumb to the intolerable excuses to why this cannot work. Questions that need to be bridged, and when GRACE JACKSON poses such intelligence with such beauty, we shutter.

Constructed with cinematic excellence, the build up of the frame by frame chords and notes, slowly but surely take you on that journey of light and dark, amid all of the gray.

The East London born singer/songwriter is a story teller and with her 2 singles, it is apparent, pretty quickly, of her efforts to perfect such a hard method of artistic and communicative endeavor. All the pieces must fit correctly to keep in the focus, which Grace does with brooding perfection.

The premise is recognized when in ‘Last Life’, you climb aboard that rocket ship to nowhere. The bridge is extraordinarily beautiful, emphatic, cautious, surreal, and it is an example of how emotive delivery could become.

Feel it in every pour of your existence.

Soar past the minuscule and reach for the skies.

Take heart in the little things that got you there.

We’re eager to find what future singles Grace will offer.

‘Last Life’ is our Obsession of this day.



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