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Song Of The Day! Graveyard Club Shares ‘Finally Found’. “Chasing off the aftertaste of the daily grind.”

GRAVEYARD CLUB trills us with the beautifully inlaid single ‘Finally Found’. A majestic enthrallment of sentiments and personal delight, found and lost, in a vast oceanic expanse of feeling and doubt.

Mixed in this vocal extravaganza of harmonies and intertwining shimmer, Matthew Schufman and Amanda Zimmerman’s dance upon words explodes with gentle breezes, as they layered beauty of the song, envelopes you with big hugs of reassurance. Completing the sound with Michael Wojtalewicz and Cory Jacobs, the quartet climbs tones of insurmountable stresses of life, and glorifyingly pain a masterpiece in pop.

Off of the upcoming album ‘Goodnight Paradise’ (June 28th), crooner based frame of the single exudes on the precipice of loneliness and the captured hearts of a lonely heart.

“My parents played a lot of oldies in the house as I was growing up,” recalls Matthew. “Some of my earliest musical memories were of hearing Roy Orbison, Everly Brothers, and Buddy Holly blasting out of the living room speakers. The melodies and emotion of those songs captivated me instantly. I was transfixed. As a teenager, I fell in love with the dark, synth-heavy sounds of The Cure and New Order. Since then, I have been frequently drawn back to the 1950’s and 80’s as a source of musical inspiration.”

The upcoming album deals with “celebration of endings as well as beginnings, life and death, winter, summer, and trying to stay young despite the inevitability of growing old”.

‘Finally Found’ is a fabulous piece, with all of the elements synching to evoke. It touches your soul, as it cleanses, to a degree, the aftertaste of the daily grind.



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