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Song Of The Day! Great Peacock ‘Heavy Load’ : A sonic friend is there for you to embrace and go forth into the world.

Great Peacock

The Nashville-based musicians Andrew Nelson, Blount Floyd, and Frank Keith IV, keeps you honest in this beautifully constructed Americana, ‘Heavy Load’.

Said Andrew: “I don’t totally know what this song means or is about. I just know that it makes me feel a lot of different emotions. We love so many things throughout the course of our life. Love is experienced and given and received in so many different ways for all manner of experiences, memories, places, things, and people. I think the real message of this song is that love isn’t always an easy thing, but you can’t give up on it. You have to give and receive it. I’m telling myself that in this song. I’m not singing to anyone else. I’m singing to me.”

The gorgeous vocal tones, work seamlessly with the band to create the most succulent of classic rock vibes. And when you’re swept away into another dimension, your cares for today, melt away.

Off of upcoming album ‘Forever Worse Better’ (October 9th), ‘Heavy Load’ is in a line of rugged fullness that gives you that instant feeling of contentment and maybe confidence for the accepting the good and bad of the world.

Within, our struggles, flare with time and circumstances. And with songs like ‘Heavy Load’, a sonic friend is there for you to embrace and go forth into the world.

Somewhere better, is where we all seek.

Great Peacock helps us put one more puzzle in the frame.

The trio is fabulous, indeed.


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