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Song Of The Day! Half Human Shares ‘Panorama’. “Disappointment Is Only For Zombies.”

This is what we’re talking about. Music from HALF HUMAN’s experimental sonic tsunami of a single drenches successfully our frayed sensibilities to the unlimited Limits of our wits.

In fact, the album (‘Positive Image’) where this single if off of is just a buffet of songs that we cannot recommend highly enough. The contrasts and complex flavors of notes just explode our higher cortex functions. Yes. It made us a zombie to the goodness that is the music output of the band.

Not like the 60’s movie zombies, mind you. We’re talking about the more cerebral zombies of the 2000’s, where even the supernatural un-dead are smart and cunning.

And ‘Panorama’ is very ‘cunning’. It’s what you need, in that day of doldrums – day of bland – a Friday of a very long week.

Yes, yes, get that initial shot of Vodka after work on that Friday happy hour.

But then then let the fabulousness of Half Human, keep you up and happy all through the night and weekend.

Take that trip with HH and you won’t be disappointed.

Disappointment is only for zombies.

Be cunning. Be the smart zombie. Listen to Half Human.

And wake up anew – a new human being in this sometimes, desolate world we reside.

The debut LP is available now through Specious Arts.

The three piece band consists of: John Whitlock, Rory Lahart, and Timothy McKee.




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