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Song Of The Day! Hallan Shares ‘Do You Think I’m Pretty?’

Online dating? Who’d confess to such a thing? Well everyone, you dummy. It’s 2019. Not 2009. Everyone tries it and uses it, because it’s part of being more productive and efficient in a certain task: sifting through candidates for a possible new love and companionship.

That’s the subtle aspects of it. HALLAN writes about online dating and the cultural conundrums of having such a technology and mechanisms for our traditionally analog animal brains.

The fun and aggressive, tongue-in-cheek trolling of one facet of being alive in this new day and age, keeps us entertained and dancing.

Yes. Dancing, dagnabbit.

Born out Portsmouth UK, the band of 4 friends and locals keep blooming and taking names while sludging through the circuit. While doing the work they love to do, they make this compelling, high paced rigamarole-of-a-single that just hits the spot and satisfies.

Hard power chords, mashed in the traditions of British-punk, the emblematic single trounces any notions for the bad week you’ve had. The weekend comes about and by no coincidence, ‘Do You Think I’m Pretty?’ gets your juices flowing.

Apple Store. Search. Download. Your app for the gal or boy of your week’s dreams will come true, soon enough.

“Hey. When will the meeting reports will be done?” asked the man behind you in your cubicle, poking at your shoulder, and as your daydream burst.

“Oh. Right away. Give me 10 more minutes.”

“‘Do You Think I’m Pretty?’ is a song born from the experiences of online dating and based around the infatuation youth can feel at the hands of their mobile devices. As our Tinder notifications vibrate our phones, our brows drip with sweat at the thought of a new match. Who could it be? Who’s picked apart my latest profile picture? Do I look fat in that? How tall is she? Will she tick my imaginary boxes and will I tick hers? Oh wait. She’s left me on seen. Why?”




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