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Song Of The Day! Hayes Peebles Shares ‘Riding High’. “From here and there, we move on. Then thrive.”

Alessandro Santoro

HAYES PEEBLES single ‘Riding High’ is another milestone for the Americana artist. With usual pension for the expressiveness that is quite related to his presentation, the Brooklyn-ite artist continues to delight and charm our listening souls.

‘Riding High’ is of the open road, and the journey from here to there, with motels and hostels and highways of routes that makes this part of life, so filled with angst and the consequential happiness that comes with it all.

Haye’s vocals is rousingly perfect in this single, as the bluegrass/country vibes shimmer in between panes of foil, and reflects tones of understated hues of smiles, acceptance, introspection.

Having worth in this world can be summed up in ‘Riding High’, for it’s hard to be feeling ‘worthy’ of existence sometimes.

Hayes’ wants us all to know that things just ARE. And we can thrive, along side it. Among the harshness, the unfair reliance, and stressful ambience, we all can get through it all.

From here to there, we can survive and kick butt.

‘Riding High’ is the first song of a set of songs to be released over the rest of the year.


Hayes is joined by bandmates Tim Lappin and Abe Seiferth.



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