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Song Of The Day! HIGH HEELED GIANTS Share Single ‘Blue Dye’.

Helle Larsen (Jadudah) and Øivind A. Sjøvoll (aka Kohib) make up this fab project named HIGH HEELED GIANTS. An electro-pop offering that is delicate and confident, it brings an edgy but very accessible groove to dancing amenities.

The duo has released several singles since 2017, with the latest here with ‘Blue Dye’.

‘Blue Dye’ (and HIGH HEELED GIANTS) is a continuing evolution for the duo, as it departs from their other project, in the efforts to seek out new and exciting sounds.

With a more experimental electro-pop vibe, with a slightly more ominously vibrant tone added to the uplifting single, ‘Blue Dye’ puts another stake in the ground for new explorations and new discoveries.

It’s a project that traverses time and has no qualms in being subservient.

Helle’s vocals is as crystal and delectable as ever, as Kohih’s production is fabulous as the morning dew. The looping vocal hooks shimmer as the bass rocks out like they’re your best friend. The dynamic single is danceable, indie, cool, and so very chill.

Changing colors of the world, starts with your own self, right?


Hope we can get to know even more about them as they continue on this road to expansion.

This EDM inspired progression of chords is beautifully presented.



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