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Song Of The Day! HOBBY CLUB Shares A Song For A Hero In ‘For Maurice’. Debut EP Drops March 8th.

London based indie-pop band HOBBY CLUB shows us their wares in debut single ‘For Maurice’. It is off of the upcoming first EP ‘Video Days’, due to release March 8th.

Song of the day!

Beth Truscott and Joe Rose make up this unique sounding world of music. ‘For Maurice’ is an unforgettable combination of dexterity in music construction and a show of shear force in the joy of story telling. The jangly guitars from the band, at will, guilds the golden frames. At the outset, the falsetto of Beth’s falsetto vocals, glide and shimmer, like a figure skater at the finals of the Olympics, effortlessly and graceful. With utter confidence and gumption, with the aim of telling a story to its absolute maximum, the duo strive, here to fore, pushing and contracting between words and sonic teases.

The speciality if the package. And it comes with an understated flavor, with an after taste that just helps you to want more.

‘For Maurice’ is an anthem for ‘leaving home’. Named after Maurice G. Flitcroft, the tale tells of a person who “at all times was striving for something more than his humble origins would allow by studying art and literature and becoming the self-professed best at anything he put his mind to.” Joe added: “Like my own Dad, Maurice begrudgingly worked in the shipyard but never let the narrow opinions of others corrode his delusions of grandeur.”

A situational analysis, and a tale with no end, which Joe professes that “no matter how absurd your goal is, you can just tell yourself you’re the best and that everybody else is wrong”.

The mid ‘interlude/bridge’ in the song, is the secret to it all. The changes of timing, indicating the change of characters and chapters, the feeling of the bitter-sweet never passes. At the end of it all, the return to the ‘happy-go-lucky’, ‘oh well that’s life’ end to the tale of Maurice, is brilliant to hear and to absorb.

We think Maurice would tell us to just ‘get on’. Don’t you think?

Nothing should get you down for long.



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