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Song Of The Day! Honey Moon Shares ‘(Why Do You Think You’re So) Special?’

HONEY MOON’s single ‘(Why Do You Think You’re So) Special?’ is a special kind of special. The jingle-jangle pop single from the four piece band, brings to the fore again Jack Slater Chandler’s fabulous falsetto vocals, layered on top of the humorous and accessible drums, guitars and naughty drums.

Song of the Day!

The start and stop style of the 60’s style collection of notes, is just like a collage of notes pinned down by the thoughts of many years past from the audience. Regulated inklings of far drawn idle of that glorious underpinnings, of the mundane, and of the banal.

Love is crooned by the band in certain terms. “Do you love me? I love you, you silly goose.” attitude is so very unassuming but very much endearing and fun to listen to. Mixing several genres together, and spitting the final product out like they do, is a testament to a new horizon of entertainment.

HONEY MOON consists of: Sam Roux, Joey Julliard, Zach Urch, and Jack Slater Chandler.

As for the music video, it is exactly what you’d expect from the band. There is no statement to be made, but with the setting of a night at at bar, with all the trappings of a band on the local tour, the guys make due and make beautiful music for the audience (even if it’s only just one).

The guys are fabulous. And we think this should be part of you song rotation, for sure.

We look forward to even more from the frisky four.



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