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Song Of The Day! Houston Heard Shares ‘My Divine (a little demo guy)’.

HOUSTON HEARD’s latest offering ‘My Divine (a little demo guy)’ is a fabulous song. The hooky single that is totally of past decades, Houston’s unique subtle husky growl and accentuations (reminiscent of Sting’s vocals). Further, the ‘attitude’ of a young Christopher Cross, becomes evident to us (at least on this tracks).

Song of the Day!

Listen to the lyrics, then the bridge. It’s gold. Just that one inflection, on that one note anchors the song to another level. Also, the addition of the digital organs make this a perfect song for those ‘ironic of days’. You know, those days that nothing’s going right, but it ‘teases’ you that it could turn ‘all around’. The days when staying in bed would have been the best remedy.

You know… those days.

Forget it. Now it’s a new day!

Let’s start over.

Let’s start over, with Houston on the radio.

Okay, anywho, you can tell we really like the single. And we recommend you listen as well.

Right now, from what we see in his published singles, he’s on an ‘experimental road’. But we think Houston is very much talented and will have many hits in the near and far future.

Can’t wait.

“Wrote this song about that person in your life that really sucks, but you always kind of root for them.”

You tell ’em, Houston. You tell ’em.




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