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Song Of The Day! IAKO Shares ‘Paint’ Single. Debut EP ‘Queen Of Balance’ Drops May 25.

You had said you loved me. You lied to me. You left me. You separated from me. You had my heart in your palms, and squeezed. You let me down. I loved you. Where are you? I need you. I can’t live without you. I hate you. I don’t hate you.

You had said you loved me. You lied to me.

I don’t believe in myself any longer. Why had you deceived me in those ways. I am tired of being the victim to my own self indignations and trifle pettiness. The exact pettiness which warmed me, and my heart to savor the non-existing love I believed you had for me. It was a dagger in my blood stream, tainting my very being. Fibers of my life-line and distinguishable protectorate – the state of profound walls of deception. It was large, tall, broad. You’d poured your cement of righteousness upon the foundation of what I deemed to be a failsafe fortress.

The days grew long, and longer – damp with guilt and sovereign thoughts of the Vissigoths’ invasion to that vanilla sky of colors. You and I were together. Your hand, in mine. Warm. Loving. IN love.

You tore it away.

That foundation.



Unrelentingly bound to the Galactic nastiness, upon my shoulders, destitute of sensibilities and reason.

You had said you loved me.

You lied to me.

I love you.


IAKO’s beautifully crafted single ‘Paint’ which, in total, evokes emotions and levels of distinction and dignity. The single brings us memories of Pink Floyd and Radiohead, with deep and rich lyrical tapestry dipped in the drama of human emotions that lie beneath our skins. The dreamy and heart thumping progressions pull out all the right notes, making us quiver with delight and adoration.

‘Paint’ is the second single from the upcoming album, and it is CHF’s Song Of The Day!

IAKO consists of: Jacopo Rossetto (vocals and piano/acoustic guitar), Alessio Martin (guitars and BVs), Francesco Borrelli (drums),
Daniel Malek (Bass), Helena Loehner (Violin).

‘Paint’ is a lovely experience, to be sure.


EP Track Listings:
Queen Of Balance
Vanishing Point


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