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Song Of The Day! IDA KUDO is ‘Gold’. Emphatic Extrication To Precision Excitement.

Ida Høffding is the fantastically exciting project named IDA KUDO. And Ida creates art on paint, and in ‘Gold’ that excitement is a creation of population of ideas, being focused to mindful point of no return. The freight elevator to heaven on floor 1, exists because this song exists.

Song of The Day!

You exist. Surely.

You sure do.

This song exists. Surely.

You sure bop to the sound.

Ida calls you to drown yourself in it.

We all do. Without hesitation.

The powerful electro pop artist is a feminine flower with all the entrapments of elegance, sharpened with the sharp edges of a beat assassin. The funky beats, the dancehall dings, the raw vocals of vice grins. Serious, and dripped in ecstasy.

That’s what Ida brings.

‘Gold’ is the title single from her sophomore EP. And it’s available now.

Get IN.



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