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Song Of The Day! INDIGO LO Shares ‘White Noise Pollution’. “Outrageous Goodness. Excitement Cometh.”

The new track ‘White Noise Pollution’ from the UK based band INDIGO LO unbalances your senses. You’re disoriented a bit. Then you wake up and mutter to yourself, that “this dimension is home”. The punk-new wave warmth emanating from the single exemplifies the outrageous determination of the band in trying to destroy your remaining faculties.

And you die listening to this single. Dead.

On the floor.

With eyes glazed.



‘White Noise Pollution’ is just so good. From the classic guitar fuzzy distortions to distinctive chord arrangements, to the tattering each vicinity of the musical map, the single demonstrates straight out of INDIGO LO’s prodigious and effective way of communicating.

“‘White Noise Pollution’ is about control had by whoever’s at the top; looking at the impact that their decisions have on lives on a more personal level,” said frontman and songwriter Joe Grimshaw. “I guess whatever was going on at the time made me feel the need to write it, and everyone was feeling weird around that point in autumn 2015. It was only when sh*t started to get even more real a couple of months after, that the song became more pertinent. It came to life when working on it with (producer) Matt, and he really gave it that sense of grandeur.”

INDIGO LO is an amalgam of many different genres, which with time, has evolved into a true modern indie-hard-rock. A species unto itself, the band’s attitude, lyrical acumen, story telling, and unfettered excellence in arrangement, makes us just want to cry with excitement.

The band will be big.



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