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Song Of The Day! IRAH Shares Sublime Single ‘Siu Hinama’ Off Of Upcoming New Album (May 24th).

Jakob Steen

IRAH compels with sublime new single ‘Siu Hinama’ off of their upcoming new album (May 24th). The duo is joined by Seb Rochford (Polar Bear, Patti Smith etc.) as the chants of this single reduces grown adults into mere children at heart, watching for signs up in the sky and the Universe that’s all around.

Stine Grøn and Adi Zukanovic make up the beauty that is ‘Siu Hinama’, as the hypnotic chants from Stine’s vocals swirl in weight and radical arrangements for the mind. Adi’s synth work collaborates as it directs the energies of the heart, unburdening and encouraging. The atmospherics, additionally propelled with Seb’s drumming keeps this single at another hemisphere of vision and shine.

Stine stated: “Siu Hinama occurred through vocalistic sound meditations. The song never felt right with lyrics and therefore we decided to just let the words or word-sounds be as they were.”

“Playing with IRAH is really special for me,” said Seb. “At once I am moved and inspired, very much held in the present moment with my ears set on high sensitivity. These moments are some of the best.”

IRAH as born in 2015 when Adi and Stine improvided together at Copenhagen music conservatory and felt that everything clicked in their musical ambitions. The significant talents of IRAH celebrate modern as well as the traditional methods of songwriting.

The inspiration of ‘Siu Hinama’ is glorious, and that’s why it’s our Song of the Day.


Sep 12, 2019 – Odense @ Dexter (DK)
Sep 13, 2019 – Aarhus @ Atlas (DK)
Sep 14, 2019 – Copenhagen @ Hotel Cecil (DK)


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