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Song Of The Day! Iska Dhaaf ‘Frida Kahlo’ : By any standards, a gorgeous piece of indie folk. Mystic revelry, waves with integrating sophistication.

Iska Dhaaf

‘Frida Kahlo’ is the new single from Iska Dhaaf. The song’s narrator, Nathan Quiroga, tenderly weaves his own disappointment and feelings of isolation with the famous struggles of two iconic painters (Kahlo & Van Gogh). It is, by any standards, a gorgeous piece of indie folk. Each verse lyrically paints these artists inside of their own work, as the song’s expressively picked guitar and gentle piano glow beneath Benjamin Verdoes’s beautiful vocal harmonies.

The poetry and wordplay is superb, as the mystic revelry, waves with integrating sophistication and unencumbered examination of thoughts.

Whether electronica, rock, or pop, the Brooklyn inquisitors, deliver with absolute and compelling heft in attitude. A dip of sanity, in an otherwise, insane world, the debilitatingly instigating storytelling, will bring you in and instill an awe of respect and love.

‘Frida Kahlo’ follows their 2016 full album ‘The Wanting Creature’. Another album of intricacy and thoughtful exercises, the nuanced and layered predictions within the album, works in unison while the carefully chosen subtlety allows the lines to knead and prod at the fantasies of reality.

True treasures. In sound. In mind. In soul.

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