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Song Of The Day! IVY MAIRI Shares ‘Strange Love’. “Freestyle Pop Single That Hits The Spot.”

We fell in love once. Twice. Thrice. We fell in love many times. That girl was out of our league. He was the one that made my body shiver with anticipation, every time.

Song of the Day!

Her eyes locked into mine, like it does in an 80’s teen movie.

His hair looked like golden silk, even in the day of school.

She fell in love instantly.

He couldn’t believe this chemical attraction was for real.

‘Strange Love’ is that perfect nectar of fun pop that we bet, is stored deep inside our hearts. Waiting to come out, and dance in bright shimmering pants and shirts.

Brilliantly, IVY MAIRI takes all of the best the 80’s Freestyle pop decadence and remodeled it for her own twists and turns. ‘Strange Love’ hits the right notes every time, and you just can’t get it out of your head.

Are we actually back to the Future?

Nope. It’s IVY MAIRI.

And that future seems glorious.

Ivy wanted to express deeper and wider. Her chance was in pop. And the Toronto based artist shifted from folk to pop and we think she is just here to stay. We’re glad she did, with a present like this single. We think the transition makes sense, whole heartedly.

Her upcoming EP ‘Polarity’ is due soon.



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