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Song Of The Day! Jacksonport ‘Western Stars’ : All encompassing charm of home-grown sentiments and personal revelry.


John Fatum helms his project Jacksonport. A bewitching folk delight, drenched in acoustic lyrics and poetic story telling, ‘Western Stars’ is his latest single that shines as bright as the millennia.

John wrote ‘Western Stars’ to find a feeling of calm in troubled times as the lyrics “We’re two little lights- Western Stars, burning bright, we guide the night. The whole world’s dark, it’s a little bit cold out here… but the sky’s so clear- I can see alright.” portray with palpable honesty and truth.

Jacksonport promises to release a new song every month in 2020, and as he does, we think we’re all better for it. The exuding simplicity is undoubtedly consumed effortlessly by John’s effervescent confidence of his vocals and arrangement talents. Like the nuance x-factors of James Taylor, Wilco and Gordon Lightfoot, Jacksonport deliver in that all encompassing charm of home-grown sentiments and personal revelry.

From a small town in Door County, Wisconsin John gave up his Brooklyn, NY apartment in spring 2019 so to travel around the United States in his car (Little Nipper) while spending his would-be rent money on self-produced recordings. The recordings include synth playing by Julian Pollack (J3P0, The Lesson, Marcus Miller) and electric guitar by Adam Brisbin (Buck Meek, Sam Evian, Cass McCombs) and mixing by Grammy Award Winner Phil Joly (Electric Lady, Common, Lana Del Ray, Daft Punk, The Strokes).


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