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Song Of The Day! JAILBOX Shares Beautiful ‘Spotting Wendel’. “You Live In My Memories.”

Outcome of the debilitating day was a struggle for Jane. The sun was beating down on her and her farm, like the world was ending. But her barn-yard animals seemed to be handling the weather pretty well.

And around noon, there he always was.

Jake was the neighbor’s son around 2 miles down. He’d come around our farm to say hi several time a week.

At first didn’t know why he was doing that, but found out soon that he was doing it, because of me.

We’d been dating for a long while now, and it seems like I’m falling in love with him. He’d been so much a part of my recent life, that I can’t remember the times when he wasn’t there.

And then one day. He wasn’t there.

You passed away and left me, Jake. And I hate you for that. You left me without completing our pact together, for a long and fruitful life. You left me with a broken heart and I’ll never forgive you.

I will forgive you, though. For I love you too much.

You live in my memories. Your nose, your lips, your smile…you.

‘Spotting Wendel’ is a signature songwriting distinction of JAILBOX. The Missouri originating band incorporates such emotions in their song construction, lyrical works, and downright unfair vocal presentation. The band tells stories, in a folk method, but hinges some of the elements in modern and minimalistic attitudes – culminating in a very impactful ultimatum.

Beautiful stuff.

Just to bridge our appreciation for JAILBOX, please listen to the following single ‘Bird Rib’. It is a more deeper look into the skills of JAILBOX – which we think you’d agree.



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