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Song Of The Day! Jake Tittle ‘To Be Seen’ : Intimate and vulnerable frame of a man, a mind, an emotion that needed healing.

Jake Tittle

“I started writing this song about me feeling unseen but it ended up but being mostly about how I’ve failed to see others.”

Life is a box of chocolates. You never fully get what you thought you’d get. This is certainly amenable to our inner selves and the acts of introspection. A mind is a deep space of truths, amendments and palpable allegiances which sometimes we are confused by.

And that’s where Jake Tittle did in ‘To Be Seen’. One direction was to put meaning to a challenge that he’d had. Of desperation and maybe a perceived neglect by the outside world, which seemed very unfair. We all go through that, don’t we?

But as a superb songwriter, and of poetic mind, Jake’s buttress to that unfair world, opened up a new chapter for that glimpse into his own mind and circumstances he’d, himself, neglected.

Of where and why he’s been feeling such dread, this time, he’d found that that darkness was within his own self deviation.

‘To Be Seen’ is a beautifully crafted single, with undulating pick of words in telling a very intimate and vulnerable frame of a man, a mind, an emotion that needed healing.

This single follows his 2020 LP ‘Casual Lies’. You should get to know it too.


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