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Song Of The Day! Jakob Leventhal ‘Back Again so Soon’ : Heaves with gusts in brush strokes.

Jakob Leventhal

“Don’t ask me why…because you know why.” The world crumbled as she summarized in deliberate details of his mis-deeds. An unforgettable account of trust gone bad, and destruction of empathy. The relationship was at a standstill, as he’d now realized the horrors of this situation.

“It was like you’d never been mine,” she continued. “And when I realized that you’d never once been truly and utterly mine, my world fell apart.”

“The world didn’t feel real any longer. Food didn’t taste like it should. My mind was paused from the realities of this existence. Part of me, you can say, died in that moment. You killed me when you let this go on. You let this linger and fester like a disease.”

“Didn’t we have it good? Didn’t we have what we desired and wanted? In us? In this world we’d woven for ourselves?”

Jakob’s beautifully simple and elegant single ‘Back Again so Soon’ can be whatever you’d want. It is that of relationships gone bad. Or of what potential could be awaiting at the end of the rainbow. And that’s where this single comes to life – in that fold of gray and manic subtleties. It provokes with but a brush stroke, of sentiments and realities, as it caresses with Jakob’s lyrics, forbidding and mournful.

Something to come back for, again and again.

His 2019 album ‘Oh, Bitter Sweet!’ is available now. Look for great things from Jakob, in 2020.


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